Virtual Worlds Museum Launching in 2024

Thank you for your interest and contribution. Our rewards include: Metaverse books, XR workshops, VR experiences, guided group tours, and the ability to host your events in the digital museum!

Working to inspire and unite pioneers shaping immersive technologies.

About this campaign

The term "Virtual World" is often mistaken to only mean "VR" or "Video Game" or movies like "The Matrix." In fact, the concept goes back to the time of Plato's “The Allegory of the Cave” and the Romans' "perceptual illusions."

Fast forward to role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, the subsequent evolution into multi-user dungeons (MUDs), and the creation of computer games such as “MAZE WAR” (1974) which pre-dates the Internet!

The inspiration to create a digital museum and mapping of immersive worlds was spurred upon a speaking engagement at Augmented Word Expo (AWE XR) by Julian Reyes, Founder & Director of the Virtual Worlds Museum by a realization virtual worlds including the culture, the art, and the people are not tracked in a meaningful way.

Co-create with us in the spirit of art.

Help position this project to inspire organizations and individuals of the future to adopt best practices - applying principles such as those espoused by the XR Guild. that foster diversity, accessibility, safety, and inclusion. Future platforms should not repeat the mistakes of the past, such as some of the issues with social media.

It's important to take inventory now before the anticipated expansion of Generative AI created virtual worlds. A team composed of mostly volunteers passionate about our mission have initiated this journey and we want you to join us.


Our mission is to create a community space where users of all ages can learn about the history and evolution of virtual worlds platforms. We aim to enrich XR knowledge and ignite interest about virtual works.

The WebXR exhibit will be accessible through your browser, hand-held devices, and VR.


The Virtual Worlds Museum - WebXR Exhibit will be a digital portal launching in 2024 showcasing information about past & present immersive WebXR worlds and advancements in interoperability, to be hosted on various Metaverse platforms


The digital museum will be accessible to the public and will showcase information about Metaverse platforms. Visitors can learn various details (ie. technology framework, avatar system, worlds, demographics, URL, etc.) and easily access virtual world platforms as immersive exhibits.

The exhibits will be free to the public. However, paid tours will explain the rich history from the early days of Web experiments and Web2 platforms to the emergence of cutting-edge Web3 blockchain-based environments.

You'll experience the boundless possibilities of WebXR and the potential of Interoperable worlds as an avatar from your web browser, hand-held device, and VR.

We will also host MetaTr@versal portal crawls. "Portal crawls" or "World hops" are journeys of avatars moving through worlds together using portals; these terms will be defined and explained.

Join us in co-creating the VirtualWorlds.Museum.


offers a rich catalog of XR experiences that are regularly updated with exciting new content. TRIPP is an award-winning app, including Tom’s Guide “Best Meditation App” of 2023 and TRIPP is recognized as one of the 25 Game Changers of 2024!  

TRIPP’s catalog of teachings, music and experiences span across AR and VR apps for mobile (iOS / Android) and VR devices.

Since 2010 over 5,000 companies and 60,000 professionals have trusted AWE to learn, connect and grow their business in the XR ecosystem. The HQ for everything Spatial Computing, including: Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), collectively referred to as Extended Reality (XR); as well as enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), bio-interfaces, haptics, 5G, streaming and more.

Tribe XR
features a fully functioning pro-style CDJ mix deck. Upload your own music and refine your own unique sound. Gain access to learning resources such as video tutorials, interactive tutorials and a free 1-on-1 intro class. Perform for friends and the world with native live-streaming integrations.

3lb Games has specialized in XR games since 2016. Founded by Robin Moulder (Jack Off Jill, TCR) and Colin McComb (Torment: Tides of Numenera, Planescape: Torment, Fallout 2), 3lb Games released Space Dragon for the Oculus Rift and Steam VR in 2017 and partnered with Monomi Park to bring their indie hit Slime Rancher to VR in Slime Rancher VR Playground.

Grokit:   A mixed reality social multiplayer hand tracking party game Inspired by Wario Ware and Mario Party, players are dropped into bizarre situations where they must evaluate and act in a short amount of time.

D&B Emerging Tech
is a design technology company, and the future of the AEC industry. From comprehensive BIM services and immersive VR/AR experiences to architectural publications and educational resources, architects and other AEC professionals are empowered to redefine their creative boundaries.

From comprehensive BIM services and immersive VR/AR experiences to architectural publications and educational resources, we empower architects and other AEC professionals to redefine their creative boundaries.

Bit Space Development (BSD)
is a company focused around innovation and research into expanding the human-computer interaction space. Over the last 9 years, they have focused on creating robust XR learning experiences, integrated IoT command and control pipelines, and invented a new technology to bring machine learning ops pipelines to businesses for practical applications all with the goal of integrating this technology to create scalable digital twins.

"Making a Metaverse That Matters: From Snow Crash & Second Life to A Virtual World Worth Fighting For" by Wagner James Au


C. World building creation.
Group webinar by experts Cause & Christi

Cause & Christi - "We are a duo of immersive storytellers in the business of making dreams come true by designing bespoke 3D worlds tailored to your desires and optimized for high performance on mobile virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Quest. From stages hidden deep in the forest to floating steampunk cities in the clouds, to neon dance clubs in the middle of space… no matter where you want to go we can help get you there! You can participate in an award show, hold a conference, teach a class, run a festival, throw parties in a club, the possibilities are endless! VR is the newest way to bring entertainment to the world and we would love to work with you to bring your own ideas to life and bring your guests one heck of a good time with great memories to share!" ~ Cause & Christi


1. “Virtual Worlds.Museum supporter” $11

Your name will be listed in our Contributors web page.

2. “Virtual World Trotter” $25

Your name listed in our Contributors page and within the WebXR exhibit. “World Trotters” shall be invited to a private group tour of the WebXR exhibit in 2024 (Date and Time TBD).

3. “VR Experience Bundle” $50

(10 Offered)
► “World Trotter” benefits ► 3lb Games - Grokit VR game ► TRIBE XR experience (6 months)

4. “Guided Group Journey” $80

(5 Offered) ► “World Trotter” benefits ► A guided journey of the Virtual Worlds Museum WebXR exhibit in 2024, including you + 5 friends (Details will be sent to donors) ► Tripp VR meditation experience (1 year subscription) 

5. “Free full-conference pass to AWE 2024 and Virtual Private Event Hosted at the Virtual Worlds Museum" $2,500

(5 Offered)
► "World Trotter" benefits     
► Free full-conference pass to Augmented World Expo 2024 (AWE XR) in Long Beach, CA June 18-20, 2024. Travel and lodging costs are the responsibility of the event guest. No cash value or refunds.
► Making a Metaverse That Matters: From Snow Crash & Second Life to A Virtual World Worth Fighting For" book by Wagner James Au
► Virtual Private Event (60-min) hosted at the Virtual Worlds  Museum for up to 50 people. *Limited capacity
► Tripp VR meditation experience 3lb Games - Grokit VR  game
► Metaverse & Architecture E-Book by D&B Emerging Tech
► Metaverse Checklist by D&B Emerging Tech

6. “Virtual Exhibit World Build” $11,000

(5 Offered)
► "World Trotter" benefits
► 3D exhibit "world build". You curate artifacts with your products, content, or ideas and Virtual Worlds Museum 3D artists shall work with you to build your exhibit with our template. Includes, consulting around project scope, platform & strategy.
► Virtual Private Event hosted in the Virtual Worlds Museum for up to 50 people. *Limited capacity


The Virtual Worlds Museum's mission is to enrich knowledge of ethical practices, technological innovation, accessibility, and community building of virtual worlds. We seek to ignite interest in sustainable and regenerative practices by the XR community and as a hub for cultural events in the digital realm.


The Virtual Worlds Museum faces several challenges.  Virtual Worlds is a new concept.  Confusion about the Metaverse exists, including that the WebXR exhibit shall be VR-based only (It is not, we will make it accessible in web browsers). We must also address biases and assumptions about the term "museum".


► We have an extremely seasoned team; some of whom have been working on virtual worlds and museums for multiple decades.
► Our theses have been shared at XR conferences; reception has been positive and many wondered why this hasn't been done yet.
► We have an impressive list of partners who support our vision:  Virtual World Society, Bit Space Development (BSP), AWE XR, TRIPP Inc, BitBasel, TribeXR, among others.
We have XR community support for this effort and many supporters awaiting our launch.
► Our Director has 20+ years of experience in the XR and events industry; his network and vision offer the project a unique vantage point.

WebXR Exhibit

Arrival.Space, BUD, FrameVR, Nowhere, Oncyber, Openvoxels, Overte, Ozone, VRLand, Spatial, and more.

For Web2 (Phase 2), we will exhibit information for:

Active Worlds, AnimalJam, Avakin Life, Breakroom, ChilloutVR, Cluster, Engage, Fortnite, Habbo,  Hiberworld, Horizon Worlds (Meta), IMVU, Manova, MetaCity, Metahype, Minecraft, Mozilla Hubs, Nowhere, PartyOn, Rec Room, Resonite (former Neos VR), Roblox, Sansar (Relaunching), Scapin, Second Life, Sinespace, Somnium Space, Utherverse, VirBela, Viveverse,  VR Chat, vTime XR*, w3rlds, Wonda VR, Wooorld, Zenith, Zepeto, and more to be added.

For Web3 (Phase 3) we will exhibit information for:
Afflantium, Alphaverse, Axie Infinity, Bloktopia, Chain of Alliance, Decentraland, Everdome, Highstreet, Hyperfly, JanusXR, journee, Juicyverse, Kalao, Lighthouse, MegaCryptoPolis, MetaCity, Metahero, Metaverser, Metaversus, MetaVRse,  Mona, monaverse, netvrk, Oasis*, Otherside, Red Fox, Revomon, Sandbox, Sensorium Galaxy (not yet launched), Shuna, Inuverse, Solice, Stage 11, The Nemesis, The Parallel, TOPIA, Town Star, Vatom, Victoria, VR Voxels, (formerly Cryptovoxels), VoxVerse, VRLand*, Wilder World Worldwide, Webb Land, Xclusiverse, Yabal, and more to be added.

Platforms subject to change.


Please share on social media and let your friends know about our efforts.

Potential partnership opportunities:
► “Media Partnership” for cross-promotion.
► “Build Partnership” for co-production of bespoke exhibits.
► Assisting in the development by sponsoring.
► Volunteering expertise.

THANK YOU and we hope to see you in the