NOWHERE was established in early 2020 in response to COVID19 to connect humans in a time of unprecedented social distance. NOWHERE aims to revolutionize virtual gathering with patented video presence technology that allows serendipitous social mingling between conversations with friends or colleagues at conferences, meetings, or parties all within dynamic web environments. Veteran founders, experience experts, engineers, game designers, theatre makers, VFX artists from Windmill Factory, Escher Reality, Niantic, YC alumni are joining forces to build a healthier digital future. Their goal is to deepen and excite human connection.

WebXR Virtual Worlds

NOWHERE was created by CEO/Founder Maxx Berkowitz, CEO Jon Morris, and COO Ana Constantino.

"We expect NOWHERE to enhance human communication and elevate respect and empathy by bringing all kinds of people together to share unique and sublime experiences. Among other things, we hope political divides will yield to human connectedness as we discover new ways to share space online," says Jon Morris.


The Virtual Worlds Museum chose to feature NOWHERE for a variety of reasons.


The 7 platforms selected to be featured in the Virtual Worlds Museum WebXR Exhibit are:

Ozone, a 3D creation engine Cloud for the next era of the internet; OnCyber, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own 3D, immersive experience that can be accessed from the browser;
Nowhere, a platform to connect, explore and create in the metaverse in seconds; 
Hyperfy, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create rich, immersive virtual worlds;
Frame, an immersive collaboration space that works on desktop, mobile, or VR; 
VRLand, your white-label platform to deliver, control, and scale your vision for the Metaverse today; and
Spatial, a 3D gaming hub where creators craft and share immersive social experiences for web, mobile, and VR.


Visit the NOWHERE Metatr@versal virtual hub here:

For more info, view their FAQs, videos, and case studies. In latest news: "NOWHERE has unlocked an avatar-based version of our platform for Upland, allowing players to unleash their creativity with their own unique Ready Player Me avatars. This integration enhances both the social side of the Upland community and adds whole new monetization possibilities within the game for players, making it even more engaging, personal and immersive for their players."

Connect with them via the links below:

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