Frame is a web-based metaverse solution from Virbela that makes it easy to communicate, collaborate, and create in 3D environments, right from the web browser. It works on desktop, mobile, and VR because it runs directly from a web browser. Great for immersive meetings, events, classes, and more, Frame lets you create spatial, multi-user sites with ease. Their features include collaboration tools, no-code customization, scale, presentation tools, graphics, AI, scripting & API, security and street view.  

WebXR Virtual Worlds

Frame VR was created by Vice President Gabriel Baker. A former teacher and education researcher, he also makes instrumental music with guitars and electronics to create Ambient, melodic vibes.

“Fundamentally, we believe that the web browser IS the metaverse and that we’re entering a new era of spatial computing that will result in many traditional websites, apps, and services existing on the spatial web alongside the 2D internet that we’re used to today,” Baker wrote in a blog post.


The Virtual Worlds Museum chose to feature Frame for a variety of reasons.


The other platforms selected to be featured in the Virtual Worlds Museum WebXR Exhibit are:

Hiberworld, a social platform pioneering the transformation of the internet from flat 2D experiences into immersive;
Nowhere, a platform to connect, explore and create in the metaverse in seconds; 
OnCyber, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own 3D, immersive experience that can be accessed from the browser;
VRLand, your white-label platform to deliver, control, and scale your vision for the Metaverse today; and
Virtway, a metaverse pioneer that specializes crafting transformative experiences.  

visit the frame VR hub

Experience the Virtual Worlds Museum Frame VR hub here:

For more info, visit their thorough Knowledge Base with general info, system requirements, API and developer documentation, and FAQs. You can also view how to upload your own own environment in Frame, review their use cases and latest news blog.
Connect with them via the links below:

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