Virtual Worlds

The digital museum launching in 2024 will showcase multiple exhibits hosted on different 3D virtual world platforms. There will be multiple ways to engage with Exhibits. ie. VR, web browser, and cell phone.
You will learn 10 important facts and metrics from each Metaverse Platform, such as date of inception, monthly active users, Approx. number of worlds, type of Avatar system, capacity, and more!

Web2 VIrtual Worlds

OG Worlds

The Web2 Exhibit will feature information about old-school and email-based login virtual platforms that require email or social media login for access (or downloadable app). ie. Second Life, VRChat, Rec Room, Horizon Worlds, etc. The Web2 Exhibit launch will depend on the crowdfunding proceeds *

WEB3 Virtual WOrlds

Blockchain / Web3

Tis exhibit will provide information of the Web3, blockchain and NFT avatar 3D worlds. ie. Decetraland, Axie Infinity, Mona, Sandbox, MetaVRse, etc.
* The Web3 Exhibit launch will depend upon crowdfunding proceeds.

WebXR Virtual Worlds

The 3D worlds are native to the web. ie. VRLand, Ozone Metaverse, Oncyber, Hyperfy, etc.  The WebXR is now LIVE * We will also cover portaling projects such as MetaTr@versal.

other worlds

AI Virtual Worlds, Spatial Web worlds, Digital Twins, Sunset Worlds, Games

We also plan to curate various other exhibits. ie. "Sunset Worlds" to commemorate the "Worlds of the Past", game worlds, AI worlds, etc.

* Launch dates subject to change and depend on crowdfunding campaign

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