The Virtual Worlds Museum team is currently comprised mostly of volunteers and advisors. Please reach out if you would like to enquire about volunteering.

Julian Reyes
Founder & Director
Keyframe Entertainment

Julian Reyes is the Founder and Director of the Virtual Worlds Museum. Prior to VWM, he founded Keyframe-Entertainment, which produced media projects, events, VR demos, XR projects, and 3D worlds.

Julian has also held positions at Meta, Cisco Systems, Jacobs Associates, Metaverse Workshop, and Exponent. Additionally, he received training from the Oculus Launch Pad and Oculus Start programs and the EveryRealm Metaverse Academy.

He is the Executive Producer of the film "Electronic Awakening," the book project "Reinhabiting the Village," and the "Explore Damanhur" VR experience.

Julian speaks at XR conferences on the subject of virtual worlds.
AWE presentation “Mapping Immersive Worlds"

Natacha Pavlov
Communications Manager
Keyframe Entertainment

Natacha is the Copywriter / Communications Assistant at Keyframe-Entertainment. She was also the copy editor of the book Reinhabiting the Village.

ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future is a 352-page graphically rich, full-color, soft-cover book showcasing the work of 12 Visionary Artists and over 60 Contributing Authors featuring Voices from the Village sharing their experience, best practices, strategies, and resources to empower communities through practical wisdom and inspiring perspectives.

Natacha is also a novelist who authored the historical fiction novel The Well-Loved Demon on the French King Louis XV, the novella Nicola’s Leg, and the short story collection Twisted Reflections. Her latest historical fiction novel Jayida, set in sixth century pre-Islamic Arabia, is the fruit of years of research and the project that first made her want to write historical fiction.

Kyle Piorkowski

Kyle Piorkowski is a transformative figure in the digital arts industry with over a decade of experience. His expertise spans the domains of graphic design, web development, digital marketing, VFX, Generative AI Art, and 3D design for both metaverse projects and major films.

At the core of Kyle's journey is Liquid Light Designs, a venture where he marries his artistic flair with strategic SEO marketing. This fusion amplifies the digital presence of brands, making them shine brighter in a crowded online space.

Whether you're looking to overhaul your website, take your brand's digital presence to the next level, delve into the future of VFX in major films, or explore 3D design in the burgeoning metaverse, Kyle Piorkowski is the person to turn to. He's not just offering services; he's crafting impactful and memorable experiences.

Evo Heyning
Curation Advisor

Evo is a US based multimedia artist creating protopian and participatory futures that merge physical and digital media into interactive stories and creative play. Mixing generative works with physical art and antiques, Evo creates worlds with XR and metaverse tools, projection mapping and crystalline structures that connect people to new visions and futures. Evo curates and creates out of Realitycraft in Oakland.Evo's metaverse and XR works have won international art, screenwriting and media awards over 2 decades since contributing to the Metaverse Roadmap in 2005.

Artworks include Pandora stained glass 3D sculpture, numerous enamel and glass works, short documentary films Love Positive and over 100 machinima shorts, large scale murals for Global PeaceTiles Project and 9/11 Memorial (Providence, RI, USA), and managing interactive and social media with live production for the Affordable Care Act campaign in 2014.

Evo gives over 50 talks a year on art, media and production of AI topics in entrepreneurship.

Carlos Austin
Virtual Reality Filmmaker - Advisor
Owner of Carlos Austin Studios

As a seasoned VR Filmmaker, Carlos has spearheaded and executed numerous VR filmmaking projects across a range of social platforms, including High Fidelity, Sansar, MozillaHubs, AltspaceVR (RIP), VRChat,, Sinespace, Neos, RP1, MetaHorizon, Odyssey and RecRoom. Drawing from his background as a third-generation photographer and videographer, he's transposed production standards from photography and broadcast television into the dynamic realm of virtual reality.

His collaborative endeavors have spanned esteemed companies and organizations such as: Microsoft, Linkedin, BBC, XRSI (X Reality Safety Intelligence), Immersive Learning Research Network, Educators in VR,, Immersive VR with The Metamovie, and The Ferryman Collective. Some standout projects include: The Poly Awards WebXR, James Webb Telescope/NASA in MozillaHubs, The Metamovie in Neos, Virtual Reality Marketing (VRM), Raindance Immersive Festival, Venice Biennale and A Maze/Berlin 2023. Each of these ventures has been marked by the creation of captivating content designed to deliver unforgettable immersive experiences.

Steve Van Loon
Virtual Worlds Mapping Advisor

Neurafile CEO
Inclusive Innovation | CreativeTech | Systems Thinking | Virtual Worlds & Future of Museums and Travel | African Futurism | AR/VR
Experienced Engineer building expertise in machine learning and storytelling through augmented reality narrative filmmaking. Demonstrated history of working in many industries. Strong engineering professional skilled in data management, analytics, Web Applications, and DevOps.

Steve worked as Senior Software engineer for LinkedIn for 4 years.With the tap of a finger, Steve can completely automate application (e.g. Web and native apps) creation with design tools (e.g. Figma/ShapesXR) backed by AI generative tooling to create dynamically generated Infrastructure with supporting tools.

Steve is working on Mapping Immersive Worlds (Research, Curation, Development, 3D Visualization, AR/VR), which is the fulcrum of the Virtual Worlds Museum.

Our Advisors

Our advisors are essential to our efforts. Their specific expertise will help guide the Virtual Worlds Museum's various exhibits, which will be hosted on different platforms.

Tom Boellstorff

Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of California, Irvine
Tom Boellstorff (Ph.D., Stanford University) is Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Irvine, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, former Editor-in-Chief of American Anthropologist, the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association, and a series editor for the Princeton University Press book series Princeton Studies in Culture Technology. Tom has worked in the field of digital anthropology for over twenty years, specializing in the ethnographic study of virtual worlds and the histories that have shaped their emergence. Among many other publications, Tom is author of Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human, published by Princeton University Press, coauthor of Ethnography and Virtual Worlds: A Handbook of Method Princeton University Press) coauthor of Intellivision: How a Videogame System Battled Atari and Almost Bankrupted Barbie® (MIT Press), and coeditor of Data, Now Bigger and Better! (Prickly Paradigm Press).

Ben Erwin

Ben Erwin is the creator of The Polys - WebXR Awards, WebXR Summit Series, and MetaTr@versal which have impacted the industry by catalyzing awareness of, and engagement with the immersive web. His work is dedicated to the advancement of the XR industry through recognition of its pioneers and events that provide an advocacy platform for thought leaders. He is a passionate proponent for cooperation on standards for the Metaverse. For 13 years, he was a webmaster and consultant for the United Nations humanitarian section and partner NGOs, bringing awareness to the plight of women and children in conflict areas around the world. Before the internet, Ben began his career in the entertainment and music industry.

He is the creator of The Polys - WebXR Awards, WebXR Summit Series, and MetaTr@versal which have impacted the industry by catalyzing awareness of, and engagement with the immersive web.

Terry Schussler
Next Gen Devices Advisor

Deutsche Telekom / Senior Director
Serial entrepreneur and team builder. Technology architect. Software designer. Writer, speaker, trainer.

His career focus has been making software smarter for users while leveraging technology to enable new forms of communication.

Designed/developed over 200 commercial software products reaching over 50 million users on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. He has delivered numerous technology innovations including artificial intelligence in consumer products – multimedia – hybrid online/offline CD-ROMs – interactive multimedia on the internet – real-time character animations – factory to consumer personalized plush toy design - 5G enabled AR streaming.

Alison Aplin

Alison Aplin is a seasoned professional who brings a wealth of expertise in operations, human resources, and administration to the advisory team with a proven track record of successfully delivering large-scale enterprise implementations through impactful roles at a Fortune 50 firm.

As a trusted advisor to executive and director-level leaders, she anticipates problems, identifies opportunities, and executes through collaboration. Alison is a champion of change, adept at optimizing processes and tools using human-centered design principles.  She is recognized for her dependable delivery of critical milestones, attention to detail, organizational skills, relationship building, clear communication, initiative, sense of urgency, and accountability.

Alison has deep expertise in recruitment, onboarding, learning management, talent management, operations, and data & reporting.  Alison has a passion for developing high-performing teams who drive for results via curiosity, innovation, and life-long learning.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Economics emphasis with Distinguished Honors.

Jared Bienz

Founder and Principal Consultant at SolerSoft 

Jared is an architect and educator with 25 years in software and 9 years in XR. He worked at Microsoft extensively on HoloLens and Mesh, serving as a Software Engineer and Partner Advisor. Jared helped develop Mesh and MRTK.

He taught at the Microsoft Holographic Academy, mentored at Global Hackathons, and led a worldwide team of Technical Specialists created to support partners building HoloLens solutions (the Mixed Reality Partner Program). Jared has notable experience with spatial computing, multi-user interactivity, storytelling, metaverse open standards, environmental capture and AI in XR.

He's also incredibly proud to be part of a team at BRCvr recently recognized with a prestigious Auggie Award. In addition to advising for the Virtual Worlds Museum, Jared offers mentoring, prototyping and training via SolerSoft. 

Specialties: Spatial Computing, Teaching, Technical Partnerships, Interactivity, Community, Storytelling, Mixed Reality, AI in XR

Paige Dansinger
Programs Advisor

Better World Museum

Paige Dansinger is the founder of Better World Museum, Horizon Art Museum, Women in Horizon, and is a Facebook Horizon VR Game Developer in the Horizon MiniGame Accelerator Program and the Oculus Launch Pad Program.

Paige is recognized by Facebook as one of the Top 117 Global Community Leaders by the Facebook Community Leadership Fellowship Program and was a Horizon Worlds Pre-Alpha Community Creator.

Paige has presented at the WHO, TEDx Minneapolis, MIT Reality Hackathon, Facebook’s Global Wellness & Safety Summit, Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Singapore, Shenzhen, Beijing, Miami, San Francisco, and more.

Brittany Marine
VR Engagement Advisor

Brittany Marine is a leading force in curating engaging virtual experiences in Horizon Worlds. With a solid grasp of the latest XR technologies and a keen understanding of audience needs, she crafts immersive digital interactions that truly connect with museum visitors. Drawing from her multifaceted experience at platforms like Bass Drop Radio (Horizon Worlds), she's adept at audience segmentation and tailoring content that resonates.

As the Volunteer Manager for MetaCenter Global Week, Brittany showcased her knack for training, managing, and procuring volunteers, underscoring her holistic approach to digital interactions. Working hand in hand with content creators, designers, and tech teams, Brittany bridges the gaps between design, technology, and audience insights. Passionate about inclusivity and accessibility, she continually refines the experiences to resonate with every visitor. Her ultimate goal is ensuring each person leaves filled with wonder and newfound knowledge.

Scarlett Arana

Co-Founder BitBasel
Technology Evangelist Scientist
Scarlett Arana is an Architect and Geospatial Scientist graduate from University of Florida and is the co-founder of the Miami blockchain start-up BitBasel. She is also a scholarly resident at University of Florida with  blockchain research lab teaching web3. Her academic background includes specialties in Spatial Computing, LiDAR, Blockchain, and Metaverse.

Over the past decade, Scarlett has spearheaded community initiatives across the Blockchain, Metaverse, SpaceTech, and OceanTech ecosystems.

As a Latin woman, Scarlett’s passion is educating young women about emerging technology and guiding them on a pathway towards success.

Additional Support:

3D Designers: Cause and Christi
Emeritus Council / CTO / CFO: TBD
Actively looking for volunteers