Predating Greek and Roman times, the concept of virtual worlds has fascinated humankind and continues to influence our evolving technology. The Virtual Worlds Museum showcases the digital virtual worlds of the past and present as we prepare for the AI prompted worlds future.
Our mission is to create a neutral community space where users of all ages can learn about the history and trajectory of virtual world platforms. We aim to inspire and foster collaboration among enthusiasts, researchers, world builders, and innovators.

The Virtual Worlds Museum redefines immersive exploration by offering interactive experiences featuring captivating digital exhibits to highlight the latest advancements in Metaverse interoperability.

Learn more about our programs by visiting our Spotlight Videos, Museum Hubs, Mapping / Visualization, and Crowdfunder pages below.


Our documentary Spotlight video series features our team of expert researchers and guests who will log field reports to catalog immersive spaces.

Learn more in our Spotlight videos page.

Museum Hubs

Learn about the Virtual Worlds Museum's digital hubs being created in the virtual world platforms and how to potentially participate in creating our Museum hubs.


Learn about how we are currently tracking and cataloging the various virtual world platforms and eventually map the emergence of Gen AI prompted worlds in our Mapping/Visualization page.


Co-create with us in the spirit of art. Help position this project to inspire organizations and individuals of the future to adopt best practices - applying principles such as those espoused by the XR Guild that foster diversity, accessibility, safety, and inclusion. It's important to take inventory now before the anticipated expansion of Generative AI created virtual worlds. Learn more and join our Crowdfunder.