Created by Captic, Vrland.io offers users the opportunity to connect with others, create events, play, learn, and engage in activities without requiring registration through web browsers. Unlike technologies requiring intricate updates, downloads, or specialized hardware, accessibility enabled by browsers deliver immersive, multiplayer 3D experiences allowing anyone to join and participate in real-time, regardless of their device. Captic was also awarded ISO 27001 Certification, an internationally recognised standard for information management security. This significant milestone underscores Captic’s unwavering commitment to the highest standards of information security and marks a major step forward in the company’s mission to provide secure and accessible Metaverse solutions.

WebXR Virtual Worlds

VRLand was created by Captic co-founder & CEO Ricard Gras.

“Captic’s mission is to provide the most flexible technology for the creation of limitless virtual worlds. We enable businesses and organizations to deliver, control, and scale their vision for the Metaverse by building fully customisable virtual worlds,” says Captic.


The Virtual Worlds Museum chose to feature VRLand for a variety of reasons.


The 7 platforms selected to be featured in the Virtual Worlds Museum WebXR Exhibit are:

Ozone, a 3D creation engine Cloud for the next era of the internet; OnCyber, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own 3D, immersive experience that can be accessed from the browser;
Nowhere, a platform to connect, explore and create in the metaverse in seconds; 
Hyperfy, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create rich, immersive virtual worlds;
Frame, an immersive collaboration space that works on desktop, mobile, or VR; 
VRLand, your white-label platform to deliver, control, and scale your vision for the Metaverse today; and
Spatial, a 3D gaming hub where creators craft and share immersive social experiences for web, mobile, and VR.

Visit the VRLand hub

The Virtual Worlds Museum VRLand hub coming soon.

For more info, visit their support page, creators toolkit, scene description details, and FAQs. View this video to learn about Captic's white-label platform, crafted to empower your creative vision for the Metaverse.
Connect with them via the links below:
Website: https://vrland.io/ 
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7HRjxmrCYc
X: https://twitter.com/capticio 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/captic-io/