Ozone is the world's leading Al and Metaverse Cloud platform that offers a fully managed solution. It enables you to own, scale, and monetize interactive 3D experiences, 100% browser- based. This interactive 3D Metaverse is the digital twin of SuperBloom exhibit at Art Basel in Wynwood Miami District. The Art is a first of its kind physical-digital public exhibit.

WebXR Virtual Worlds

Ozone was created by Founder & CEO Jay Ess and Founder & CTO Oleksiy Kvashchenko. They've recently welcomed the ex head of VR & AR at Unity Tony Parisi to their team.

"The Web3 powered metaverse is the next generation digital frontier. The 3D worlds will replace user interfaces, while the blockchain will enable a new class of digital assets, ownership, and ultimately a secure decentralized data layer which will enable true decentralized ownership of the next web. So far, it has been notoriously hard and burdensome to build interactive 3D worlds or applications. Ozone provides easy to access infrastructure and tooling to enable instant virtual worlds at internet scale," says the Ozone team.


The Virtual Worlds Museum chose to feature Ozone for a variety of reasons.


The 7 platforms selected to be featured in the Virtual Worlds Museum WebXR Exhibit are:

Ozone, a 3D creation engine Cloud for the next era of the internet; OnCyber, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own 3D, immersive experience that can be accessed from the browser;
Nowhere, a platform to connect, explore and create in the metaverse in seconds; 
Hyperfy, a metaverse platform that makes it easy for anyone to create rich, immersive virtual worlds;
Frame, an immersive collaboration space that works on desktop, mobile, or VR; 
VRLand, your white-label platform to deliver, control, and scale your vision for the Metaverse today; and
Spatial, a 3D gaming hub where creators craft and share immersive social experiences for web, mobile, and VR.

Visit the ozone hub

The Virtual Worlds Museum Ozone hub coming soon.