Spotlight Video Series - Exhibits and Virtual Worlds Museum at AWE XR

AWE XR 2024 is fast approaching! Learn about our Spotlight Video Series and Exhibits and Virtual Worlds Museum at AWE XR.

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June 19, 2024
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Spotlight Video Series - Exhibits and Virtual Worlds Museum at AWE XR

Spotlight Video Series - Exhibits and Virtual Worlds Museum at AWE XR

AWE XR 2024 is fast approaching! The evening mixer event offers an evening filled with delectable food and drinks, DJ music, networking and exclusive swag for new donors. Join hundreds of other ethical professionals as we come together to support two amazing non-profits: The XR Guild and The Virtual World Society.

We are thrilled to announce the development of a documentary Spotlight video series. Our team of expert researchers and guests will log field reports to catalog immersive spaces. Each episode will feature a platform and one virtual world, with the findings presented in the website.

In our first episode, join Sehu and InKenzo as they teleport to virtual realms, speak to worldbuilders, and catalog each platform for posterity. Their mission is to document the technologies, cultures, and artistic expressions that define the vast ecosystem of virtual worlds.

We are also excited to announce the progress of our Categorization Methodology and the completion of our first Exhibit.Our Virtual World Platform exhibits are organized into seven categories: WebXR, Web 2.0 & Apps, Blockchain, Sunset, VR, Games, and Specialized. We have developed a BETA of the WebXR Exhibit, showcasing platforms web browser worlds. While we have a long way to go, we are deeply grateful to our advisors, friends, and volunteers for their continued support. Stay tuned as we continue to build and expand our digital museum exhibits!

The Virtual Worlds Museum hubs are also in development and we are so excited to have built worlds in the following platforms: Arrival.Space, FrameVR, Hiberworld, Nowhere, Oncyber, VRLand, Virtway, Spatial, and Hyperfy.

We’re working on creating hubs in Sinespace, Engage, Second Life, and VirBela. In the future, we will develop VR platforms and Web3 virtual worlds. Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer in the development of the spotlight series and/or hubs.


Our Mapping Immersive Worlds GitHub page is up and actively being updated. Read about it in Wagner James Au's New World Notes blog and share your thoughts with us:


We're grateful to be participating at this year's AWE XR conference alongside dedicated XR professionals. Below are some upcoming presentations in chronological order:

On June 18th, Ben Erwin of The Polys WebXR Awards will break down case studies from computing infrastructure to provide insight to why open wins, then transpose those findings onto the choices the XR industry faces today.

On June 19th, Terry Schussler, Sr. Director of XR & Metaverse at Deutsche Telekom, will join a panel to delve into "GenXR", an exciting intersection of Generative AI and Extended Reality, set to revolutionize user-generated content in the Metaverse.

Shortly after, Robin Moulder of 3lbXR and 3lb Games will also be at the Start-Up Pitch Competition Part I and speak at the Panel: Quest for Innovation: Designing Mixed Reality Games.

On June 20th, Jared Bienz, Founder and Principal Consultant of SolerSoft, will speak on Launching Strong XR Projects: Funding, Cross-Platform Compatibility, and Future-Proofing.

Avi Bar-Zeev, Founder and President of XR Guild, ​​and fellow XR Veteran Amy Peck will recount the probably true life stories, looking back from the year 2040, about how it all unfolded for Spatial Computing, XR, AI, and more. 

Evo Heyning and Julian Reyes will be part of a panel on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the creative industries. The panel of innovative artists and thought leaders will delve into the role of AI as both a collaborator and a tool in the hands of modern creators.

Ruth Diaz, social scientist, organizational consultant, and innovator on conflict resiliency in VR culture will also be presenting. She’ll join Molli Aronce for a groundbreaking session exploring the dynamics of conflict and collaboration within Extended Reality (XR). This talk dives into the heart of conflict resiliency, contrasting traditional resolution methods with innovative strategies tailored for the XR domain.

Thank you for being part of our journey and stay tuned for more updates coming soon.