Virtual World Museum April 2024 Updates

We thank you for your continued support for our ongoing immersive interactive work as we keep you informed with our new developments.

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April 18, 2024
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Virtual World Museum April 2024 Updates

Virtual World Museum April 2024 Updates

We thank you for your continued support for our ongoing immersive interactive work! We’re happy to share and keep you informed with our new developments. 

In June, Julian Reyes and Evo Heyning will be part of an AI panel at AWE 2024. "Creative Frontiers: Navigating the Artistic Landscape in the Age of AI" will zero in on the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the creative industries. The panel of innovative artists and thought leaders will delve into the role of AI as both a collaborator and a tool in the hands of modern creators. Get more info and tickets:

Augmented World Expo (AWE)’s mission is to help the XR community advance Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology in order to further human progress. With the industry successfully reaching the milestone of 1 billion active users of AR in 2020, over the next decade AWE aims to guide the industry’s attention towards their own core objectives of enabling people across the globe to learn, connect and grow within the XR industry.

This year, the June event will include over 500 expert speakers presenting across 15 conference tracks covering the breadth of the AR and VR industry. View the initial agenda and speakers.

We’re also excited and grateful to share a few eye-catching renders created by Kyle Piorkowski of Liquid Light Design & Marketing. They reflect our vision to enrich knowledge, ignite interest, and provide guidance to those who seek to learn more about immersive worlds. We achieve this mission by preserving the history of virtual worlds through research, clarifying the terminologies, and creating a dynamic mapping process. The digital museum also promotes ethical practices, technological innovation, and community building. The Virtual Worlds Museum serves as a hub for exploration of the ever-evolving virtual world landscape through various websites, immersive exhibits, Discord channels, and platform partnerships.

We’ve also added Richard A. Bartle’s ‘Designing Virtual Worlds’ to our website's Books/Case Studies resources. Wagner James Au calls it “a milestone book in the history of the technology; first published in 2003, its influence can be seen in countless MMOs and open-ended virtual worlds, especially around player motivation types, likely beginning with World of Warcraft, and definitely with Second Life.” You can read more of author Richard A. Bartle’s chat with Wagner on his blog here, and download ‘Designing Virtual Worlds’ and more resources here: 

Last but not least, we’re developing a video web series on Virtual Worlds and Platforms. This 12-minute serial documentary will follow a team of new world researchers logging field reports to a vast map of emerging spaces, featuring experts touring one new immersive world in every weekly episode. If you’d like to volunteer as video editor, motion graphics, or research, please let us know!  

Thank you for being part of our journey and stay tuned for more updates coming soon.